Unifosys Chart4.NET Organization Chart Control

:Desktop & ASP.NET Component Library

Chart4.NET is a dynamic hierarchy/organization charting component (control library) for desktop (winform) and ASP.NET (webform) based .NET application developers.

  • Quick Charts           Dynamically from XML/Treeview/Database etc.
  • Automatic               Chart-nodes will be positioned automatically.
  • Interactive              Expand/Collapse, Drilldowns/Hyperlinking.
  • Sizing Options        Chart and node sizing options.
  • Sub-Charts              Automatic subcharts on (+/-) right-click.
  • Concise Charting    Zoom, Preview, Rich tooltips etc.
  • Orientations            Left-to-Right, Bottop-to-Top, Right-to-Left etc.
  • Chart Styles            3D and shaded charts.
  • Formatting              Alignments for photo/tag/textlines; Backgrounds.
  • Customizations       Tag/Level/Name based formatting of nodes.
  • Latest Features       See Release Notes.

Chart4.NET library automatically creates dynamic, user-interactive organization charts from tree-like data structures (XML/Treeview etc.) or from a data structure that can specify the hierarchical relationship of data (Database/Array/Datatable/CSV etc.).

Organization Chart Online Demo

.NET WinForm Organization Chart Control


ASP.NET Organization Chart Component

:Control Component Library - Features

  1. Easy specification of chart data through XML/Treeview/Database/Array/Datatable/CSV
  2. Automatic Sub charts
  3. Auto positioning of chart nodes
  4. Zoom, preview, rich tooltips
  5. Dynamically (run-time) resizable and movable charts
    (webform & winform)
  6. Expand and Collapse buttons
  7. Drilldown and hyperlinking
  8. Chart orientations (left-to-right, right-to-left, top-to-bottom, bottom-to-top)
  9. Search in chart
  10. Three dimensional (3D chart) and shaded charts
  11. And see more in Full Features and Documentation
  12. If still not found, feel free to Suggest a Feature...

Create Organization Chart from XML

Online Demo: Everything is Hierarchical
Advanced Demo: Editable XML
Samples: here.

Create Organization Chart from Table/ODBC

More Information and Samples:
How To Create Organization Chart from Database
Online Demo:
Create Organization Chart from Employee Database
Organization Chart Online Demo (Employee Database)

Create Organization Chart from Mutiple Tables

More Information and Samples:
How To Create Organization Chart from Mutiple Tables

Create Organization Chart from TreeView

Samples: here.

More Information

  1. Demo version of the organization chart component (ASP.NET webform) is available. Try the full power of next generation charting before you buy. Download desktop and ASP.NET samples here.

  2. Pricing and Purchase is here. buy now
  3. Contact: sales{at}unifosys.com

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