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Unifosys - Application Development

Our services are focused on data acquisition & analysis applications, frameworks and components.

Please contact us for your custom application development needs.

ProperMAP - Property Listing in Maps



Visual DAQ - Data Acquisition & Analytics

Visual DAQ

Chart4.NET - Hierarchical Data Analysis

Organization Chart Component

User Innovation


Uniform Systems

UnifoWork Workflow Designer is used to formulate your custom software requirements.

UnifoStudio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is designed to generate the application software and database skelton, from the Software Markup Language (SML) file produced by UnifoWork.

UnifoCore Engine is the cetral core that drives the unifosys applications generated by the UnifoStudio.

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Unifosys Analytics

User Innovation on Uniform Systems

Unifosys® provides application frameworks, application components, custom application software development, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. Our products and solutions provide uniformity and thus flexibility in customizations, allowing our customers to further innovate.

Unifosys was created by a group of professionals having 15-20 years of software development experience in diverse domains, database systems and platforms. Particularly, we are specialized in Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE).

We are supporting High Level Enterprises (HLEs) as well as Small and Medium Level Enterprises (SMEs).

Visual DAQ - Data Acquisition Platform

Visual DAQ
Visual DAQ - 3D Datacenter Monitoring

Data Acquisition and Analytics Platform
Version 4.1 is Released. See Visual DAQ Homepage.

Chart4.NET - Organization Chart Component

Organization Chart Component
Organization Chart Component
Version 3.3 is Released. See Chart4.NET Homepage.

Special Business Offer

  • Get your application prototype created only for a marginal cost and proceed only if you further need to develop it.
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Our Strategies

Unifosys Process

We use PMBOK from Project Management Institute (PMI) for our project management and Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) for our process management.

Also, we have ISO standardization for our products.

Our Solutions

Products and Solutions

We are specialized in Enterprise Software and works for your custom application requirements. We have expertise in web 2.0 based development too. ProperMAP is a unifosys concept.

The applications created by us have open ends that can talk between them and to other open-ended systems.

Chart4.NET is our comprehensive organization charting component for .NET developers; for desktop winforms and ASP.NET webforms.

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