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Background template name for node or chart. Applies to hpcSettings-Node_BackgroundStockList and hpcSettings-Chart_BackgroundStock.

Namespace: UnifoChart.Hierarchy
Assembly: UnifoChart.Hierarchy (in UnifoChart.Hierarchy.dll) Version: (5.1.0)

public enum BackgroundTemplate
public enum BackgroundTemplate

  Member nameValueDescription
None0 No background
Abstract1 Abstract
BlueFlowers2 Blue Flowers
DarkGreen3 Dark Green
GoldFlowers4 Gold Flowers
GoldTop5 Gold Top
GrayVerticals6 Gray Verticals
GreenGrid7 Green Grid
GreenWall8 Green Wall
LightCircles9 Light Circles
SquidFingers10 Squid Fingers
YellowBricks11 Yellow Bricks
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