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Add a datatable to the hierarchy of tables. Return a reference to the added table, so that you can add more child tables.

Namespace: UnifoChart.Hierarchy
Assembly: UnifoChart.Hierarchy (in UnifoChart.Hierarchy.dll) Version: (5.1.0)

public HierarchyTable Add(
	string TableName,
	string IdField,
	string ParentIdField,
	string ForeignIdField,
	string TextField
public HierarchyTable Add(
	String TableName,
	String IdField,
	String ParentIdField,
	String ForeignIdField,
	String TextField


Type: OnlineSystem String
Name of the table. Name is used for tagging the nodes (if specific tag column is not mentioned) and for refering the tables later.
Type: OnlineSystem String
Name of the unigue identification column.
Type: OnlineSystem String
Column that contains values from IdField (If the rows have a parent-child relationship in between; blank otherwise).
Type: OnlineSystem String
Column that contains values from parent table's unique ID column. In other words, where rows of this table is a child of (has a connection of) parent table.
Type: OnlineSystem String
Text to be displayed. Use \n to separate the text into multiple lines. If there are multiple columns of data, separate them with colon(:).

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