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Using the Chart Control Within a Library(dll)


Using the Chart Control Within a Library(dll) & Then the Library Within an Application(exe)

Question: How can I use the organization chart component (Chart4.NET) in a custom library(dll), and then use that library in another project - a main application(exe) or another library(dll)?

Answer: Please follow the procedure below:

1. Use the control in a custom library, as usual

1- Add the component to the visual studio toolbox (see how it is here), and drop the component to any form or usercontrol in your CUSTOM library.

2. Use control temporarily in main project

Similarly in your MAIN project, drag and drop chart to any temporary form to add licenses.licx to the main project. Then you can remove the temporary form.

3. Use custom library in main project

Now reference your custom .dll in MAIN project; and build all to use it.
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