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Sub-charts in Organization Chart Control


Sub-charts in Organization Chart Control

Question: How to see parts of a chart in detail?


Inbuilt Sub-charts

User can right-click on any expand/collapse (+/-) button to see the sub-chart from that point.

Subcharts can be inline or in anew window.

Inline Sub-charts: This will show the sub-chart, beginning from that node, with the current zoom. Right-clicking again will bring in the previous chart. Click on 'Home' button (then displayed on the organization chart) to go back to the entire chart.
hierarchyWin1.hpcSettings.ShowSubCharts = Inline;

NewWindow Sub-charts: From version 3.1 onwards, you have the option to display sub-charts in a new window.
hierarchyWin1.hpcSettings.ShowSubCharts = NewWindow;

To disable this feature:
hierarchyWin1.hpcSettings.ShowSubCharts = None;

Sample screenshot for subcharts is here: Organization Chart Control for Large Trees of Information.

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