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Chart4.NET Organization Chart Component 2015 - Three-Dimensional, Planer, Search
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News: March 11, 2015: Chart4.NET 2015 (5.1) supports large organization charts, PDF Rendering (Desktop/ASP.NET), 3D, Planer views, Navigational Tree and Data Search:
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Author Topic: Chart4.NET Organization Chart Component 2015 - Three-Dimensional, Planer, Search  (Read 9928 times)
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Chart4.NET 2015 Version 5.1 is released.

Different views of the chart is now supported: Dynamic, Three-Dimensional and Planer views.
Also, extended search and navigation facilities are there.

New Version: 5.1

New Features:

  • Still better support for large organization charts - smooth scroll and zoom.
  • Navigational tree for better viewing the sub-charts of large charts.
  • Dynamic View that has expand/collapse, hyperlink, focus, node-click events etc.
  • 3D View for sub-charts (large organization charts).
  • Planer View for sub-charts (large organization charts).
  • Search for node data, and quick navigation to that nodes.

1. Extended Views
If chart control is set to Extended View, there are Dynamic, Three-Dimensional and Planer views available as radio options (left-bottom side).

Switching between Extended View and Simple View

Call hmSetViewExtended method, to show the chart cotrol in extended mode, to show/hide the available views, to set the default view, and to show/hide the navigation tree.
hmSetViewExtended -

Call hmSetViewNormal, to switch back to simple view of the chart.
hmSetViewNormal -

Change Current View (from code)

To change currently displayed view, dynamically from code, set hpChartView property to Simple/Dynamic/Planer/ThreeD.
hpChartView -

Properties Associated with Extended View

hpBackColor -
hpBackImage -
hpChartTree -

2. Navigational Tree for Large Organization Charts

Click on a node group to see it's sub-chart on the RHS.
Right-click a sub-chart to see it enlarged. See for video tutorials.

3. Search in Organization Charts

Type within the top-left text box (in extended view) to search for organization chart nodes.
Click on the results to navigate to the node. (Be in dynamic view to see the leaf nodes (if it is), on the RHS).

Samples & Downloads:
See also:
Organization Chart Control for Large Trees of Information -
PDF export & Web PDF/Image Rendering:
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