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Chart4.NET Organization Chart Component with PDF - Update 4.1
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May 26, 2022 *
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News: March 11, 2015: Chart4.NET 2015 (5.1) supports large organization charts, PDF Rendering (Desktop/ASP.NET), 3D, Planer views, Navigational Tree and Data Search:
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Author Topic: Chart4.NET Organization Chart Component with PDF - Update 4.1  (Read 12786 times)
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« on: July 17, 2014 »

Chart4.NET Version 4.1 is released.
PDF Export of the organization is available (both in Desktop and ASP.NET applications).
Also PDF/Image rendering of the chart is available for ASP.NET version.

New Version: 4.1

New Features:

  • PDF export of organization chart (web and desktop).
  • PDF rendering, download provisioning and customization (ASP.NET).
  • Enumeration & Customization - hpcData has Nodes[Name], Tags[TagName], NodesAll, NodeList properties & NodeByName method.
  • Drawing improvements & Highlight full-path on focusing a node.

1. PDF Export
Chart can exported as it is displayed (simple), or decorating with header, footer, time-stamp, margins, background etc. (advanced)

Export to Image (JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP)
Simple -
Options -

Export to PDF File
Simple -

Advanced Export - PDF/Image File
General -

Chart Export Options
Export Options -

To experiment with organization chart export settings:
See winform samples in Samples here:

2. PDF Rendering (ASP.NET)

2.1. Simple PDF Rendering

You can simply put the query-string format=pdf to render the chart in PDF:

2.2. Customized PDF Rendering

You can put PDF rendering settings within the heHierarchyExport event:
1. Within the webform html component tag:
   <cc1:HierarchyWeb ... OnheHierarchyExport="HierarchyWeb1_heHierarchyExport"/>
2. Code behind:
protected void HierarchyWeb1_heHierarchyExport(object sender, HierarchyExportEventArgs e)
      e.ExportOptions.PageMargin = new System.Drawing.Size(50, 50);
These settings are optional (page margin, chart-header, chart-footer etc.)

N.B: 1 - Event settings will override any querystring settings (regarding format,attach).
N.B: 2 - You can export the chart to a server file (if required) within the event.
string sPath = HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath("\\");
HierarchyWeb1.hpcTools.ExportChartToPdfFile(sPath + "exported.pdf", e.ExportOptions);

See web samples from Samples here:

3. Image Rendering (ASP.NET)

You can simply put the query-string like format=jpeg to render the chart in an image format.
Other allowed formats are jpeg, gif, png and bmp.

4. Download Provisioning (ASP.NET)

You can simply put the query-string like format=pdf&attach=filename to offer the chart to download in PDF/image format.
User will get a (Save To prompt) from the browser.
Allowed formats are pdf, jpeg, gif, png and bmp.


5. Enumeration & Customization

More methods and properties to access chart node's underlying data and settings to customize it after chart is loaded with data.
(eg: in a node-click, on an external event etc.)
Details here:

6. Highlight Full-path on Node Focus

When a node is focused, all the predecessors are highlighted to depict the full path to item.

Set hpcSettings.ShowFocusFullPath to enable/disable this feature. Default is true.

Samples & Downloads:
See also:
Organization Chart Control for Large Trees of Information -
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