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Chart4.NET Organization Chart Component - WPF/Silverlight Usage
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May 26, 2022 *
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News: March 11, 2015: Chart4.NET 2015 (5.1) supports large organization charts, PDF Rendering (Desktop/ASP.NET), 3D, Planer views, Navigational Tree and Data Search:
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Author Topic: Chart4.NET Organization Chart Component - WPF/Silverlight Usage  (Read 6722 times)
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WPF Usage

You can use the organization chart winform control (HierarchyWin) in a WPF application, by using WindowsFormsHost -
Since this is a licensed component, here is the proceedure to insert the license:

1) Create a WPF application.
2) Right-clicking the project in solution Explorer; Add a UserControl (winform, not WPF).
3) Add the HierarchyWin control to the toolbox (how to is here -
4) Drag and drop the HierarchyWin control to userControl (winform). You can do any of chart customizations/events/public interfaces there.
5) Compile the project.
6) Add a reference to the same WPF application (eg:WpfApplication1.exe) in References.
7) Also add a reference to WindowsFormsIntegration (in Framework assemblies).
7) Add the following 2 pieces of code in MainWindow.xaml (or in your page) as described in WindowsFormsHost link above. ie,

<Window x:Class="WpfApplication1.MainWindow"
        Title="MainWindow" Height="658.956" Width="719.029">
    <Grid Margin="0,0,-31,-30">
       <WindowsFormsHost Height="355" Width="576" Margin="63,125,251,934">


Cool Now add the UserControl (winform) from the toolbox to the WPF window (MainWindow.xaml)
9) Run the project and it is done.

NOTE 1: A basic visual studio 2012 sample (usage only) can be downloaded from here:

NOTE 2: You can add a winform to a WPF application and can use the winform control as usual (same as to a Windows Application).

Silverlight Usage

You can use the organization chart webform control (HierarchyWeb) along with silverlight controls, but have to put the HierarchyWeb control on an aspx page (may be along with silverlight controls) within a web application.
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