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Chart4.NET Large Organization Chart Component - Update 3.1
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May 26, 2022 *
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News: March 11, 2015: Chart4.NET 2015 (5.1) supports large organization charts, PDF Rendering (Desktop/ASP.NET), 3D, Planer views, Navigational Tree and Data Search:
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Author Topic: Chart4.NET Large Organization Chart Component - Update 3.1  (Read 23523 times)
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« on: January 28, 2013 »

Chart4.NET organization chart component improved: Desktop/ASP.NET
Special Features to Support Large Trees of Information

New Version: 3.1

New Features:

  • Better Layout - LargeOrganization layout to effectively support large organization charts: ByNodeSize/FitToScreen/ZoomToScreen.
  • Better  Navigation - Automatic sub-chart in customizable new window with automatic events routing (winforms). Right-click on the +/- button to populate the subtree from that point in a new window or inline.
  • Better Viewing - Expand/collapse chart up to particular levels.
  • Controlled Navigation - Show rest of the chart in subcharts, on + button click after specified level.
  • Organization Chart Printing - Multi-page printing for large organization charts.

1. LargeOrganization Layout
You have to set Chart_Layout as LargeOrganization, and have to change any default properties in hpcLargeOrganization property collection.
hierarchyWin1.hpcSettings.Chart_Layout = ChartLayoutType.LargeOrganization;

After you set LargeOrganization as Layout, chart and node sizing are governed by the hpcLargeOrganization  property.
See the figure and description below for the chart settings.

Figure: Large Organization Chart - ByNodeSize

Following are the members of hpcLargeOrganization property - See figure above.

Chart_Center - Put small charts (charts that are smaller than the chart area) to the center of the chart area. For example, Set Chart_Center to false, if you want a LeftToRight orientation chart has to be aligned to the left of the chart.

Chart_MarginSize - Horizontal (left & right) and vertical (top & bottom) margins for the chart.

Chart_ResizeMode - You have the option to shrink the whole chart, when the user collapse a subtree of the chart. Can be None/Always/Automatic (when needed).

Chart_SizingMode - How the total size of the chart has to be decided.
* ByNodeSize - chart will be drawn according to the Node_Size property. Use this option, if you need a uniform (and minimum) size for all nodes.
Put the required node size in Node_Size. Chart will be resized to hold the nodes with the given size.
* FitToScreen - If length or width of the chart is beyond chart screen, it will be contained.
* ZoomToScreen - Chart will be drawn to chart screen, with uniform size.

Node_Padding - Defines the spacing between nodes (width) and between levels (height).

Node_Size - The uniform size of the nodes. To apply this size, Chart_SizingMode should be ByNodeSize. Chart will be resized to hold the nodes with the given size.

Figure: Large Organization Chart - FitToScreen

To experiment with large organization chart settings:
Desktop - DatabaseSample. To load large tree XML, use DesignerSample.
ASP.NET - sample (large-organization-chart.aspx)
Samples here:

2. Multiple Subcharts
Chart_SizingMode of ZoomToScreen & using sub-charts is a good combination to go through large charts. Sub-charts also will zoom to its screen size. You can change the subchart form's initial size and other properties in hpcSubChartForm property:

3. Expand/Collapse by Levels
To expand up to 3 levels and keep other levels as it is, use:


4. Set Maximum Levels
Set maximum levels to show expanded on a single chart:

hierarchyWin1.hpcSettings.ExpandableLevels = 15;

This will set to show 15 levels in the chart and usual expand (+) button on nodes after that. When user click the + button after that level, the rest of the chart will be shown as a subchart, according to the ShowSubcharts property (Inline/NewWindow/None).

5. Organization Chart Printing
Single page or Multi-page printing for large organization charts.
To experiment with priting, use DesignerSample.

6. Extended Views
Latest Chart4.NET 2015 release has special extended views (3D, Planer) to support large organization charts.
Read more here:

Samples & Downloads:
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